Whole Group_LowRes_3868Welcome to West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc., where offering clients a spectrum of services to help achieve their financial dreams is our goal. We’re glad you found our site, and hope this Web site becomes a point of action for you…please read on!

Our experience has shown us that many people will procrastinate forever about their financial affairs. However, your financial affairs will have to be addressed sooner or later – and the sooner, the less painful. At West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc., we believe it is imperative for you to take action now.

We ask for the opportunity to discuss your financial affairs today and help you avoid financial distress in the future. At West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc., we recognize that our clients’ unique financial needs and goals change over time, which is why we offer a spectrum of services. We can demonstrate the short-term as well as long-term benefits of smarter financial strategies and improved investment decisions

The advisors of West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc. work hard to earn your trust. Integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence are paramount.

Your Trust

The word trust is just that, a word. Words are meaningless until they are believed, and all too often, empty words are recklessly thrown around.

You’ve probably seen the advertisements with carefully crafted verbiage making empty promises in order to make the sale. Our hope is to introduce you to our firm and earn your trust by putting your interests first, rather than selling you a product.

That being said, your trust is the key to building the long-term relationship that we believe you need in order to be financially sound.

Financial products come and go and transform from princes to frogs all the time. Hire an advisor you can trust. At West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc., what we have to offer cannot be bought in a product – you must hire us as your trusted advisor.

Make decisions based on trusted advice. Your financial hopes, dreams and aspirations can depend on it.

Our Oath to You

West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc. strives to serve in the best interest of our clients. Clients’ situations are treated as our own, and we implement our own advice.