Our Mission

West Texas Wealthcare Advisors, Inc. is an independent wealth management firm that offers a disciplined planning approach to select individuals who seek peace of mind for their personal and business financial needs. By developing personalized tax sensitive strategies, we offer unique approaches to our client’s financial freedom.

Business Beliefs

West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc. has a system of convictions and philosophies that guide our decisions. We believe:

  • People need to be more connected to their dreams.
  • Financial well-being begins with understanding the core values and goals of clients.
  • The client must trust and confide in us in order to make the relationship work at its optimum level.
  • In the financial planning process.
  • That a comprehensive financial understanding is necessary, because all elements are interdependent.
  • Every client is different.
  • SIMPLER is better.
  • All clients must develop goals so that they know the reason behind saving and investing.
  • Investors are loss adverse, not risk adverse.
  • Long-term investment perspective is critical.
  • Diversification through multiple asset class allocation.
  • You can reduce risk through diversification.
  • Equity builds wealth.
  • Clients value risk management.
  • That all people need financial planning.


  • Historically, stocks have produced greater total returns than bonds over the long term.
  • Historically, bonds have produced greater total returns than cash equivalents over the long term.
  • Stocks have been much more volatile than bonds over short time horizons.
  • Bonds have been much more volatile than cash equivalents over short time horizons.
  • When you make an investment, it may well go down immediately after you buy.
  • When you sell an investment, it may continue to go up after you are out.
  • You may hold some investments too long; other investments you will sell too soon.
  • The total value of the investment opportunities you miss will dramatically exceed the value of those in which you participate.
  • Someone, or some group of people, will always earn higher returns than you … AND they will always tell you.
  • You can only make money in the future – it is impossible to invest in past returns.
  • Accept uncertainty.  All investment decisions are based on multiple estimates and projections about the future.
  • You don’t need a financial advisor for information – you want a trusted advisor for investment discipline, wisdom and personal guidance.


  • Never risk more that you can afford to loose.
  • You can afford to loose an amount that would not be detrimental to you accomplishing your goal, and this amount is your deductible.
  • Bumps in the road should be expected but not insured.
  • Without insurance, you run a great risk of never achieving your goals.
  • Insurance is designed to insulate you from catastrophes.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • Intelligently weigh your risks vs. goals.  Don’t take risks that are not in-line with your goals.
  • Insurance is an integral part of the foundation to a solid financial plan.

Death & Taxes

  • Death is eminent and you must plan for it.
  • Taxes are eminent and you must plan for them.
  • Everybody has a civic duty to pay their taxes, but planning within the bounds of the law is prudent.
  • A large tax liability means that you were successful and made a high income.
  • Sometimes it is better to pay your taxes today.
  • The tax tail should not wag the dog.