While everyone is different, many of our clients have common characteristics. Whether or not you fit the profile below, it could be worth your time to speak with us. If our firm is not right for you, we may be able to help guide you to a different firm that would be a better fit. In general, our clients have the following characteristics:

  • Desire wealth management strategies, not just investment products.
  • Value long-term relationships.
  • Live within their means.
  • Need professional advice in multiple topics such as retirement planning, investment management, tax planning, tax preparation, business planning, insurance planning, estate planning, income protection/asset preservation, education planning, and other special situations.
  • Have realistic expectations of investment returns.
  • View their WTWA advisor as the first stop for all financial advice.
  • Understand the advantages of working with an independent, fiduciary advisor.
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Who Are You?

Just married. New job. Baby. Home purchase. The life-changing events we experience in the accumulation stage of life involve risk-taking. Are you prepared to manage these risks? How?

At West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc., we understand that your interests involve protecting and nurturing your financial well-being. We can assist you in doing just that.

We work to help you make good decisions where it counts the most, at the beginning. Time is money, and at this stage in life, it’s on your side.

Ask yourself:

  • What would happen today if my family experienced an unexpected death?
  • How do I protect one of my most valuable assets – the ability to earn income?
  • Is my emergency fund sufficient?
  • What is the most efficient way to finance higher education? Who can help participate?
  • Should I keep family books? How?
  • How do I become financially independent in the future?

The earlier you begin, the more opportunity you have to grow your investment over time. Begin your future today.

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You’ve arrived. As an established professional, you’re reaping the benefits of a flourishing career and may have kids near or at college-age. Perhaps you’ve been through the financial planning process before, or maybe you’ve procrastinated getting started. Regardless, now is the time to ensure your financial plan is working efficiently.

West Texas WealthCare Advisors can provide you with a financial check-up.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my future aspirations?
  • What is and how do I develop a financial plan?
  • What is my investment program and who is charting it?
  • At what age should I consider long-term care insurance and is the cost worth the benefit?
  • Does my insurance coverage continue to cover my needs?
  • When can I expect to become financial free and how do I track my progress?

Time is ticking. Request a financial check-up today.

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Accumulating a nest egg through savings, inheritance or other means can greatly improve your financial well-being. Right now, you may be concerned about maintaining your lifestyle and protecting yourself against unknown risks.

West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc. understands that retirement planning can be intimidating; after all, it’s not what it was a generation ago. We can help you understand what your financially independent years may look like, while considering risks and developing a plan to manage those risks.

Ask yourself:

  • Are my future aspirations clear?
  • How do I track my financial accomplishments?
  • What is the best way to continue my paycheck into retirement?
  • Will I outlive my nest egg?
  • Is everything organized in the event of my passing?
  • What is an RMD?
  • Do I have an estate tax problem?
  • Can I depend strictly on Social Security to achieve my financial goals?

Request help from a trusted advisor today.

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Your life’s work is in your business and provides a good living for you and your family. Providing employee benefits you can afford has been a concern and perhaps your tax bill is growing. How would your business be affected should something happen to you today? How will you transfer your business once you retire?

West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc. understands your situation – after all, we’re business owners, too.

Ask yourself:

  • What is a Buy-Sell Agreement and do I need one?
  • What are the implications of transferring a business?
  • How do I attract and retain quality employees?
  • When was the last time I reviewed my retirement plan’s Investment Policy Statement?
  • What is my fiduciary responsibility?
  • Do I have sufficient liquidity?

If you are up for a friendly visit, request an appointment.

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