Each advisor’s qualifications vary and include both Certified Public Accountants and Certified Financial Planners™. Please visit Meet Your Team to learn more.

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Our services revolve around the standards set forth by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc Financial Planning Process. Also, please visit, Method 10 Services.

We offer an independent holistic approach to wealth management, offering services beyond stock-and-bond investing. Our goal is to help our clients chart a clearly defined direction for their financial future.

Here we work as a team for our clients, providing personal attention every step of the way. All clients are counseled in the same manner and receive the same innovative level of advice and hands-on service. You can expect to work with one and possibly two advisors, plus an additional team member who can help with paperwork and general client services. Please visit Meet Your Team for more information about our advisors.

In general, all accounts $30,000 and greater are charged an asset-based fee. Commissions may be paid to the advisor on insurance policies, 529 college savings plans, accounts under $30,000, and select employer-provided retirement plans. We do not receive compensation based on referrals.

WealthCare is caring about peoples’ hopes, dream and aspirations and making sound financial decisions to help achieve those ideals. Please visit WealthCare for more information.

In essence, it’s a process rather than a financial product or services. This process is derived from the combination of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. Financial Planning Process and the philosophy set forth by our broker dealer, 1st Global Capital Corp. See our WealthCare page for more information.

Yes, at least in the beginning. We require detailed information about your financial history. After the initial data gathering, periodic updates will be necessary, but will be less time consuming.

Our understanding and knowledge of income taxes goes well beyond the average advisor. We are CPAs and CFP® professionals. We act as fiduciary advisors to our clients and are held to the fiduciary standard in most of our engagements.

Yes. A simple financial plan outlining your goals is required for clients with $30,000-$499,999 invested with us, and it requires little time. For clients with accounts greater than $500,000, a comprehensive financial plan outlining your goals is required, and involves a great amount of time.

We do not hold your money at our office. 1st Global Capital Corp. is our Broker Dealer and they provide access to all financial products. Your money will be held at the recommended product company’s custodian or at National Financial Services, LLC’s custodian. All 1st Global brokerage accounts clear through NFS.

The minimum asset requirement will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you want help, we want to help you.

Diversification through multi-asset class investing. This philosophy has been thoroughly researched by our broker dealer, 1st Global Capital Corp. We agree with and believe this philosophy to be prudent and successful. 1st Global’s investment philosophy is based on the principle of diversification. Diversification is a portfolio strategy designed to reduce exposure to risk by combining a variety of investments, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative investments like commodities that are unlikely to all generate parallel returns at the same time.

1st Global has selected six core asset classes to populate its model portfolios: U.S. small capitalization equity, U.S. large capitalization equity, international equity, fixed income, real estate and alternative investments. 1st Global’s model portfolios, composed of various blends of these six asset classes, are the embodiment of the 1st Global philosophy of diversification through disciplined asset allocation. Diversification of your overall portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.

Yes. Wealth management fees are typically deductible as a miscellaneous itemized expense IF your miscellaneous expenses exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). Fees on qualified accounts are not deductible, but the fees are not taxed in the distribution from the account.

Yes, but only in conjunction with wealth care services and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to take on any new tax-only clients.

Expect a relaxed and professional long-term relationship. We want to be your trusted advisor. Here, you’re always welcome. Expect integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence.

Performance Reports are sent out quarterly. Review appointments are required no less frequently than annually, and you may initiate an appointment at anytime.

West Texas WealthCare Advisors, Inc. was incorporated in January of 2006, but our advisors have been practicing accountants and financial advisors for more than a combined 100 years.

No, we do not ask you to sign any type of contract that would lock you into a service plan.

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For any questions where further explanation is needed, please contact your nearest office.

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